Featured Applications

The Roman Numeral Converter for the iPad allows you to easily convert between whole numbers and roman numerals.
In this game, you need to tap on each gem before the safety halo goes away. There are blades that spin around and if they hit a gem without a safety halo, it will explode removing one of your lives. The more gems you collect the more points you will score. More points will mean higher levels, more blades, and more gems.

Network Copy and Paste is an application that allows you to share your clipboard text over a network to other devices running this same application. For example, after installing the free Network Copy and Paste application on your PC you can simply copy text on your iPhone or iPad and send it to your PC or vice versa. Network Copy and Paste makes sharing text easy between your mobile devices and your laptop or desktop PC.

This application will read text to you. Just run the application and copy some text into your clipboard. Read For Me will detect the text and start reading automatically. If you single-click the icon by your clock Read For Me will pause or resume. Double click the same icon to close the application.

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